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BIGLOBE's IP transit service has excellent connectivity with direct connections to content, mobile, and broadband service providers. Get high bandwidth low latency IP transit connections with one of Japan's largest backbone networks.

Key Benefits of BIGLOBE IP Transit Service

BIGLOBE's IP transit service has excellent connectivity with direct connections

One of the biggest domestic networks in Japan

Great connectivity with direct connections to all major internet exchanges and cloud services. BIGLOBE is reaching close to 2.5Tbps of internet capacity worldwide.

As of January 2019

Experience and reliability

BIGLOBE has been operating a highly reliable ISP service since 1994.Through our operational experience, we have been feeding back to the local internet communit to promote better internet quality in the region.We apply this knowledge and experience to our IP transit service as well.

Global services

BIGLOBE is able to provide services in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, and other countries in South East Asia.BIGLOBE can also assist in setting up POPs and IT infrastructures.

Network Diagram

Network Diagram

Billing Options

Various billing options are available to fit your budgetary needs.
Bandwidth Utilization Based Billing in Mbps

img_num 95 Percentile Billing

Traffic is measured every 5 minutes.
The top 5% for each month is discarded and the next biggest data is determined as the billing traffic.

img_num Average Traffic Billing

The average traffic of each month is calculated for both inbound and outbound directionand the larger figure is determined as the billing traffic.

img_num Fixed Billing

Billing is unmetered. Fixed rate is charged according to the contracted bandwidth. 

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