Important notes

Please activate the service within 30 days of purchase.
If your use has not commenced, you may no longer be entitled to use.
The Service will be available after the lapse of the number of days predetermined per plan from the day of application for commencement of use.
This service uses the NTT docomo network. The available network modes and bandwidths are as follows:

  • LTE(Xi®): Band 1(2100MHz)/ Band 19(800MHz)/ Band 21(1500MHz)/ Band 3(1800MHz, Limited to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas)
  • W-CDMA(FOMA®): Band 1(2100MHz)/ Band 19(800MHz)
    *This service cannot be used on 3G-only devices.

Warnings when handling the SIM card

  • Do not apply excessive force when removing the SIM card
  • Do not apply excessive load when inserting the SIM card in your device. Please note that improper handling of the SIM card may result in damage to the card or device.
  • Keep the SIM card clean. Wipe with a soft dry cloth for care and cleaning.
  • Use the SIM card in a device that it is designed for. Using an improper type of device that the SIM card does not fit may result in failure or the loss of data.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the SIM card. Do not drop or apply a shock to the SIM card. In addition, do not bend it or place heavy objects on it. Do not short out or carelessly touch the metal contacts. Do not store the card in a direct sunlight, or in high temperatures or high humidity. Failure to observe these warnings may result in failure or the loss of data.


Please write down the information registered in the SIM card. Note that we will bear no responsibility should the information be lost.

Safety warnings

  • If a child uses the card, parents or guardians must teach the child how to handle it. Please pay special attention to whether the child is using the card as instructed. Failure to do so may result in injury.
  • Do not use or leave the SIM card near open flame, heat sources or in locations where temperatures are high. This may result in corrosion, heat, smoke generation, fire, data loss and failure.
  • Do not let the card get wet with water, liquid or pet urine. This may result in fire, burns, injury, electric shock, data loss or failure.
  • Do not put the card in a fire or attempt to heat it.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. Failure to observe this may result in accidental ingestion or injury.

About export control regulations

This product and its accessories may be subject to Japanese export regulations (the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law” and other related laws). When exporting this product and its accessories, take any necessary procedures at your own responsibility and expense. Please contact the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for more information.